Pharmaceutical companies trust CIMA delivery technologies to commercialize new drugs and extend the product life cycle of established brands. CIMA specializes in orally disintegrating tablet (ODT), oral transmucosal (OTM) and oral powder drug delivery technologies. In addition, CIMA has expertise in taste-masking and customized release profiles.

Historical highlights:

  • 1986 Business founded
  • 1988 First generic product launch
  • 1993 First ODT patent
  • 1994 IPO
  • 1997 First OTC ODT product launch
  • 1999 First Rx ODT product launch
  • 2000 Cephalon acquires Anesta company (OTS technology)
  • 2001 Cephalon acquires Lafon company (Lyoc technology)
  • 2004 Cephalon acquires CIMA (ODT and oral transmucosal technologies)
  • 2004 First Rx bottled ODT U.S. product launch
  • 2006 First OraVescent product launch
  • 2007 All Cephalon’s drug delivery technologies are consolidated under CIMA